Reporting Sexual Assault and Hate Crimes

Choosing to report anonymously means we might not be able to help you directly but can help others. The information you give us today will help us to provide better support to others and inform work across the university. An anonymous report allows us to better understand the prevalence of issues within our community.

Any information you provide will remain private and confidential unless we believe there is serious safety or welfare concern. In these circumstances, BU may judge that action is required even if the person reporting is not requesting any. The information contained in your report will only be passed on with your consent.

You can use this tool to report incidences of physical assault, sexual harassment, sexual assault, online harassment, hate crimes, stalking, bullying or discrimination. To start, if you wish to report anonymously, please click 'Report Anonymously' or if you wish to receive a call back from an advisor the next working day please click 'Report and Receive a call back'.

You can use these forms to tell us about:
• your own experience
• something you have witnessed
• something you have been told about by the person who experienced it

If you encounter any problems whilst using this system then please report your problem online.

For BU staff, further information can be found on the Link for staff page.

For BU students, information about this can be found on the Sexual Assault and Harassment page and the Hate Crime or Incident page.

Help & Advice

Sexual Assault and harassment Sexual Assault and harassment - Find out more

Sexual assault and harassment

Sexual abuse may take many forms. In addition to rape and sexual assault, it includes sexual harassment, i.e. any behaviour that is humiliating, intimidating or hostile, and may include actions like derogatory name calling, belittling remarks, insults, threats, unwanted personal attention. It can also include any form of sexual...

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Hate crimes Hate crimes - Find out more

Hate crime or incident

Hate crimes are those which are targeted at people because of hostility or prejudice towards their disability, race or ethnicity, religion or belief, sexual orientation or gender identity. Such offences can include verbal abuse, physical assault, domestic abuse, harassment and damage to property.

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